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Kydex Holster Quick Clip with Hardware

$10.97 $13.87
  • Includes 1 belt clip, 2 posts, 2 screws & 2 spacers
  • Quick clip for gun holsters
  • Very tough polymer construction
  • Not too soft, not too stiff and very durable
  • Clips on and off belt easily

These clips are ideal for IWB or OWB applications and are tough enough for light OWB applications. Will fit over and grasp onto even thick gun belts. Simply push the clip past the belt to hook on and lift the tab to un-hook and remove. -

Includes hardware, two 8-32 x 3/8" slotted w/through hole posts, two 8-32 thread x 3/8" long phillips flat head screws and two - 1/4" rubber spacers. Clips have 2 pre-drilled holes with hole spacing approximately 7/8" apart center on center. Great replacement clip for worn out factory holster clips. Great custom clip for your kydex holster making project. Perfect for do-it-yourselfer kydex holster makers. Works with inside the waistband and outside the waistband holsters.